Business marketing or business to business marketing or B2B marketing as is it usually referred to is a form of marketing practice of individuals or organizations that allows companies and individuals to other organizations or companies that resell them, use them in their products or use them to support their works. This is not really a new trend as we have probably encountered individuals using b2b marketing at one point or the other in our daily lives. For example, a fast food restaurant may start selling soft drinks that it doesn’t manufacture or produce as to facilitate its own business so that its customer will have easy access to something to drink after eating. Like I mentioned earlier b2b marketing is not really something new as it dates far back as the 1970sbut recent times have seen it take significant steps forward unlike what is used to look like. This article will provide information on some b2b marketing trends in 2018.

Use of multimedia

Though the use of words is necessary, nothing beats the effects having pictorial or video representation of the content words should have been used for b2b marketing. A recent research conducted by a SEO agency shows that over 80 percent of the audience would rather watch a live video than read a post. Hence, multimedia digital marketing is one trend that will shape b2b marketing in 2018.

Mobile friendly websites

Most b2b researchers are mobile inclined as well as prospective buyers, most individuals use internet on the go and as such the chances of them your business via their mobile devices is very high. Any good e-commerce development company should know well to take into consideration how to develop marketing campaigns that are mobile friendly if they are to promote and sustain any budding or already existing business.

Social media

This is one aspect of b2b marketing that has been trending over the last two years and has still not lost its Midas touch. A lot of individuals have been exploiting the traffic that social media receives on a daily by placing paid adverts as well as free post to advertise their products without consulting any ecommerce development company or any SEO agency. Notwithstanding, social media marketing is one b2b marketing that will trend in 2018.

AR and VR innovations

With the steady the steady development of VR (virtual reality) with its ability to simulate reality and the emergence of AR (augmented reality) which goes a step further than VR. B2B marketers can now see the sky not as a limit but as a stepping stone as AR and VR have helped them break the barriers posed by screens. I’d have said VR and AR will trend in 2018 but I’d rather say that 2018 is the starting point for AR in particular as it regards augmented reality (AR).

Customer Interaction

Gone were the days when marketers saw their customers as business entities rather than actual human beings and as such sent stale and repetitive newsletters to them. With 2018 came b2b marketing strategies that engaged customers and showed them that they were valued for more than what they bought. 2018 saw the repetitive and stereotypical acts as regards customer feedback and contribution replaced with more interactive measures like email newsletters becoming the brand magazine, Smartphone apps working together with customer care help lines amongst a host of others.

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Junaid Ali Qureshi
is a digital marketing specialist who has helped several businesses gain traffic, outperform competition and generate profitable leads. His current ventures include Progostech,, Smart, Progos Tech and eCig.