Thanks to technological advancement, you don’t have to go and learn a six months course because you want to go into web designing as a prestigious web design company. With a good website design company whose tutors know what they’re doing web designing shouldn’t take ages to master. It is however important to note that practice makes perfect and you will get better only with time and practice. Though the tutor may teach you the basics, you need to know about how to go about ensuring you can stand the rest of time in an era where there are a lot of individuals offering web designing services. This article will provide you with a guide on how to make the websites you design attractive yet responsive.


This is the number one rule of modern day web designing and every web designing company or individual who provides web designing service should have it in mind at all times. A web design shouldn’t be a complete artwork that needs to be very colorful. This is because the more the use of colorful items and images, the longer it will take your pages to load and the less traffic you’ll have. Its even advisable to use online and web based apps rather than Photoshop so as to increase page optimization.


This is equally important as it will help internet users easily find their way around your page. A good navigation panel is as important to a internet operator as a map is to an explorer. Use comprehensive language when composing your navigation panel and ensure that each sub level is properly categorized under the proper level. Avoid the use of overly technical words as most individuals visit the internet to seek answers and you don’t want to confuse them the more. It is also important to have a search box as well as the navigation panel at the top of your page so as to make navigation easy for your subscribers.

Consistent and Related Content

Internet users don’t visit websites to see how beautiful they are, they visit website because of the information it contains. Hence, it is needful to always keep your subscribers occupied by regularly updating your website with content that are related to the mission, vision and values of your website.

User Friendly

Most internet users access the internet using mobile devices. Hence, it is best to ensure that your website is as accessible on the mobile phones and tablets as they are on desktop or laptops. If necessary, design your website to give users the option of accessing it using the desktop view or mobile view. In addition, your website should be accessible on most browser applications such as Microsoft Edge (formerly Internet Explorer), Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox amongst other.

Page Management


Starting from your homepage to your squeeze pages, you should ensure that they are designed centered on the preferences of users. Research has shown that most internet users preferred the vertical form of page scrolling to the horizontal method. A good web designer should always be up to date with information like this. Furthermore, ensure to use slower scrolling for long texts while you use faster scrolling for images. The use of headings, aunt headings and headlines are also very important as they help the subscriber grab a hold on the contents of your page without any external assistance.

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